About Cary M. Berman

I am a 53 year-old man who was born with a rare disease called Late Onset Tay-Sachs or LOTS. When I learned that I had LOTS, I was 1 of 250 in the world, and this explained lots of medical challenges in my life.

My family, friends, and heartfelt faith have been foundations that have supported me through some very difficult times. It is my hope that a story or principle in this book will help you through your unique challenge, because I am cognizant that everyone has at least one.

Mine has not precluded me from living my life. For twenty-eight years I have worked as a criminal defense attorney. My first case was an appeal of a murder conviction that involved whether the trial judge improperly excluded potential jurors based on their race. The Appellate Court held that it did, and I received the first new trial in Illinois on this particular issue. Also, I learned to rock climb in Thailand from a cousin who is one of the top climbers in the world!